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    "An organization without effective HR is like a fish without a bicycle."

    Awesome HR Bullshit makes a big difference! Change must happen NOW!

    We will do something about your People & Talent Management.

  •  Our Services, Your Choice

    Custom made, hand taylored people strategy, structures, processes & talent programs.

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    HR Flatrate


    You don't have an HR or any inhouse Talent Management



    Get startet, first steps and grow your own internal people management



    You identified the need for a dedicated HR capacity and competence in your company.


    We develope a longterm scenario and take over the responsability.


    We act as your internal HR, and build-up your own internal capacities.


    We hand over processes, programms & projects to your new formed HR team.

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    HR On-Demand


    Your have a "kind of HR" but want to scale and mature it



    Optimize people management through standardisation, digitalisation & automatisation

    We develope a longterm scenario for your HR transformation.


    We take over full responsability to achieve all objectives.


    We lead and manage all projects


    We program regarding that transformation.


    The operational doing stays with your HR team.


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    Project, Process, Programm

    You have a full-blown HR but want to reshape and make it future proof



    Transform your existing people management to a highly efficient, measurable, value contributor

    You already have a longterm scenario for your HR department.


    We make it happen by benchmarking, counseling, partnering, mentoring, coaching, challenging, in- and outsourcing, and reshaping your HR organisation in every single step during this journey!





  •   Our Partners and Sponsors

    HR Streaming on demand from day one on, high-end HR Services & Solutions following your demand, and pushing your expectations.

    Founder & Investor

    On different stages of your business ramp-up you need different mature People, Organisations & Culture Managements.



    CEO & GM

    You realize, that your current HR concept did not support your business strategy and your future demand.





    From shareholders or owners you received a strong mandate to restructure HR. You cannot do this alone in all countries over all subject matters in no time.

  •   Our Clients

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    Start-Up & Grown-Up


    more than 15 employees

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    International Middle-Sized Companies, Hidden Champions

    more than 1000 employees

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    Global Corporations 


    more than 10.000 Employees


  • Our industries & Your benchmark


    10 Projects

    3 Programs

    Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech

    20 Projects 

    6 Programs

    ERP, Software & Digital Services

    15 Projects

    1 Program

    MEDIA, Agencies, Advertising

    6 Projects

    Retail & E-Commerce

    4 Projects

    2 Programs

    Utilities (Energy & Waste)

    4 Projects

    Automotive & Engineering

    25 Projects

  • Areas of Expertise

    360° from hire to retire:

    Implement HR structures and processes supporting your business strategy, and organisation's purpose!

    Performance Management

    OKR, 360°,

    HR Administration

    HR Support and Service, Ticketing, payroll

    Talent Acquisition

    Happiness, Feel-good & Health

    Internal Communication

    Marketing & Branding

    Culture & Value








    Documents & Forms


    Succession Planing

    Executives & Leadership

    Data Privacy



    Executives, Talents & employee

    Service Management

    SLA, KPI


    Reporting, Dashboards,

    .... we are your reliable performing partner for all your business endavors!

  • Team

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    Define, decide & promote global HR strategy

    Uwe is a strategic, tactical & political master mind - a charming conductor for HR Orchestras. He is a visionary HR leader! Building bridges between cultures, generations & technologies.





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    Make HR strategy happen worldwide

    Is a strategic manager and Sous Chef. "Think big, get the shit done and have fun“ describes Sebastians working style the best. The ability to dive & dig deep in the processes in one moment and taking over helicopter view in the next, is his specialty.


    With passion, creativity, and dedication I offer solutions for your challenges. I am available everywhere in Germany and in the rest of the world. From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, I will be at your side and together we will achieve unseen efficiency in HR.


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    Keeping track of projects, budgets & customers

    As a Manager of Business Administration she adds value to our team in all matters. Avoiding western centric approaches is her specialty! Our customers love her way to transfer complex problems in easy solutions!

    Together we make Change & Transformation happen

    Your partner for white water HR. Bulletproof.

    Together we spent 50 years impacting, transforming, consulting and leading HR/Talent/People communities. We were responsible for managing cross functional teams, global projects and programs.